The Alaska LGBT Community Survey will be a statewide survey of Alaska’s gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual populace. We aim to have at least initial results of our survey by April 2011.

One in Ten: A Profile of Alaska’s Lesbian & Gay Community (1986) provide a baseline for this project, both with the report and with the survey questionnaire used to generate it.  But we can’t simply use use the same questionnaire: it requires updating and revision.  In particular, One in Ten addressed only sexual orientation, but not gender identity; whereas the Alaska LGBT Community Survey will be fully trans-inclusive, both in the design of the survey and its administration.

One in Ten led directly to the 1989 report Identity Reports: Sexual Orientation Bias in Alaska, which focused on discrimination and bias, documenting 84 actual instances of antigay bias, discrimination, harassment, or violence (including three murders) around the state, as well as the willingness of 20% of landlords and 31% of employers in the Anchorage area to discriminate against persons who were — or were perceived to be — gay or lesbian. The Alaska LGBT Community Survey will function in part as a vehicle to solicit case histories to document our community’s continuing experiences with antigay/antitrans discrimination, harassment, and violence.

For continuing information as the project gets underway:

We’ll also do our  best to keep you updated through our regular LGBT news channels such as Bent Alaska, TransAlaska Pipeline, Grrlzlist, the Alaska GLBT News maillist, and  Henkimaa.

We can be reached through our Facebook page or through email at alaskacommunity@gmail.com.

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Learn more about Identity Reports and One in Ten.

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